Alun Evans, Owner

My name is Alun, and I am originally from North West London. I am the owner and operations director of Alun Evans Personal Tour Guiding Munich. I direct tours in Munich City Centre(opens in a new tab) and at the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial(opens in a new tab), focusing on the history of the Nazi period. During the 14 years that I have been running tours, I have guided tens of thousands of people and really enjoy providing my guests with an enhanced experience of Munich.

My working life has spanned over 40 years. Initially, I worked as an engineering technician before a career change into fitness. The diverse skills that I have acquired means that I am relevantly equipped to successfully run my business.

In 2004, good fortune dictated a move to Munich to be with my future wife. It was here that the opportunity presented itself to rekindle my life long passion for history and the WWII period in particular. I started directing tours in 2006 and qualified as a licensed Dachau memorial guide, accredited by the Bavarian government. I strive to deliver the highest quality educational and thought provoking tours with a focus on dialogue, discussion, and reflective interaction. I believe that I can be a valuable asset to all of my guests when they visit the city—not only through my tours but also as a source of advice regarding all aspects of a visitor’s stay in Munich.

Both my parents were children during the Blitz in London when the Luftwaffe attempted, unsuccessfully, to defeat the spirit of the British people. As a child, I heard their accounts about the bombings, the sirens, the air raid shelters in the gardens and tube stations, and the impact this had on them. Their stories helped develop my fascination for the history of the period. My tours to the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site(opens in a new tab) not only focus on the worst atrocities enacted by the regime, but they also serve as a lesson to future generations as to how quickly these scenarios can become a reality.

My fellow licensed guides and I take this responsibility very seriously, and we like to feel in some humble way that we offer a positive contribution by educating visitors to the site.

I also deliver Third Reich History Tours through Munich(opens in a new tab), which was the founding city of the Nazi party. Travellers are often intrigued by how it all came to be and I enjoy exploring the political, social, and economic dynamics that led to the rise of national socialism.
Empowering people through education in order to create a better future for the next generation is my ongoing motivation and purpose. I would be delighted to have you along on one of the tours and open the history of the city to you!

Welcome to Munich!

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